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Multimedia intelligent all in one

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    Multimedia intelligent all in one

    MIT-100 C series Special  Function Features

    * Integrated various multimedia device

    Integrated computer mainframe , Central controller, Visualizer,

    interface panel, wireless rounter, Wi-fi Wireless projection, touch panel,

    IC card reader, wireless keyboard mouse, Wireless laser pen, wireless microphone

    etc. multimedia classroom common used hardware and software modules.

    * Auto Intelligent Function

    1. IC card scan on/off equipment, easy operation.

    And also can confirm students can't open the equipment just teachers have IC card can.

    2.  Projector anti-theft alarm, can project the projector to steal.

    3. Delay shutdown equipment, can project the projector lamp

    * Simple Installation & Operation

    1. Simple installation, just 1person 2hours can install well

    2. Wireless: wireless rounter, Wi-fi wireless projection, wireless

    keyboard& mouse, wirelss laser pen, wireless microphone

    * Appearance & Weight

    1.  This equipment Net weight is just total 14KG. easy to transport and install

    2. White and black color with attractive whole design

    * Operation video in youtu be link


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